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About us

MACRE is founded in 2008 by Adriaan A. Mast M.Sc. Frics,  A.A. Mast has over 25 years of real estate experience of which 10 year career as Managing Director of Schiphol Real Estate. A fully owned subsidiary of the Schiphol Group. In these 10 years he was responsible for creating and implementing the Airport City concept in Real Estate.

The idea behind the Airport City concept is delivering added value and shareholder value to the Non-Aeronautical sector of airports.


Our expertise contains
- Strategic planning / (re)structuring non-aeronautical revenues for airports,
- Policy making advisory services,
- Business, financial and environmental planning for airports non-aeronautical assets (offices, parking, logistics, hotels, leisure facilities)
- Commercial / marketing due diligence for airports non-aeronautical assets
- Enhancement of pricing and revenue management for Real Estate
- Real Estate marketing for airports
- Start-up business plans


Our expertise is the basis for the core activities we focus on: Urban Planning, property and finance issues, “boardroom counseling”, transaction management and portfolio structure planning.


MACRE is young in its ideas and its approach, but the know-how is based on years of experience. The consultants have a proven track record and are familiar with all aspects of airports and their particular real estate markets. This knowledge and experience assist our clients in their search for solutions in the complex property market especially at airports.
Experience has proven that with a sound perception of the property market the contribution to the Revenues of the airports can become a substantial part of the total performance.


The result is influenced by
- a thorough knowledge and experience of management,
- sufficient and coherent information,
- the influence and roles of government policies,
- international legal and financial aspects
- There is always a great deal of press and public interest.


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